imagine A New City

Give the people easy access!

  • The City of Bridgetown has a number of assets which are simply lying idle when they can be pressed into service for the good of the people to create more business opportunities and to create more jobs. This picture of Independence Square in the City is exactly as you see it photographed now - beautiful and empty. The same is the case with the Church Village Green and Jubilee Gardens. The people must be given easy access to the spaces for food, arts, craft, entertainment and trade shows of every kind. This is the first and easiest way to start creating jobs and new business in the City. (Picture The KoalaKid). 
  • But then there are all of the buildings in the City which have been left for many years and have not been put to use. The best known are probably the Government buildings on Jemmotts Lane. There are many others! These buildings can be used to start City Farming projects and can be used for many other activities. 

More food for City Folk

  • Barbados' food import bill is over $600 million. This money spent is a drain on our foreign reserves. We are also becoming more and more unhealthy as a nation.  City Farming can now become a reality at the household level and at the city level. Food can be grown anywhere and there is a need to bring all of our back yard kitchen gardens into production. may of the old buildings in the City can be cleaned up and used for farming.

A HandUPP for the Youth.

  • This is the question most asked by residents of the City.  The youth need jobs and they need activities to ensure that they are gainfully occupied in mind body and spirit. We talked about generating more business in the City both locally and abroad.  Many young people know what they would like to do. They just need help in getting their projects off the ground.

Strong, Green Communities

Solving Difficult Problems

Proper Sanitation a Must for the City

The problem of poor garbage collection and sanitation in the Constituency of the City of Bridgetown is a perennial problem. It requires a long term solution and not just one-off clean-ups in which most politicians engage during election season.The problem does not emanate from the fact that the garbage is never collected it emanates from the fact that because of the dense population of the City an because of the many people who traverse the City more garbage is generated than in other areas in Barbados. 

The solution is that the City needs more frequent garbage collection. It also requires scheduled times for the removal of bulk waste instead of dumping it in the  open spaces.  More than that however the City can be one of the first areas to be engaged in a recycling programme in order to reduce the amount of garbage which goes to the land fill. This would be also consistent with our programme for growing more food in the City and greening the City. 

Finally No Water at Your Door Steps

The City of Bridgetown is not the only place in the world to suffer from flooding. The Netherlands which started to address flooding seriously from 1953 has land on which people are happily living which is below sea level. If it were not for the interventions of the Dutch Government 60% of the land would be under water. 

Within Barbados we have built more homes and buildings, we have a denser road network and Barbadians are choosing to put down concrete around their homes to avoid garden maintenance. There is therefore greater run off with which to contend. However there are various solutions to mitigate the situation. One of the most important is water capture. This is particularly critical as Barbados also has a problem with water scarcity, especially for farming. Every Barbadian will be encouraged through incentives to install water capture mechanisms and other flood mitigation techniques.

imagine An Eco-Friendly Business & Entertainment Hub

Ultimately we would like to create a Smart City. This is a City which has mitigated all of the difficult problems and is well on its way to becoming the special place that it has been traditionally. When this is the case more businesses and jobs would be generated in the City. We see the City as the place which must lead the New Economy in Barbados. With a City cleaned up and looking its best with the difficult problems solved and a fresh coat of paint we would then be in a position to attract fresh customers from Barbados, the region and the world.

Barbados must have for its Capital all of those conveniences that modern cities have. These include clean public toilet facilities, access to free wifi, green spaces sporting and recreational facilities which are easily accessible to the public. We will create a smart eco-friendly City for Barbados.