UPP Leader & Candidate for the City of Bridgetown

Outstanding Steward

  • Lynette Eastmond has been an outstanding Steward. Throughout her school career she has participated in the extra-curricular activities of the school including athletics and the writing of newsletters. She is a Barbados Exhibition Scholarship winner and has a Bachelor of Laws and Masters of Laws. She was a Senior International Tax Manager with PricewaterhouseCoopers and served on the Board of the Central Bank of Barbados. She then went on to work in Government as Director of International Business and negotiator at the FTAA, WTO, and negotiator bi-lateral treaties and double taxation agreements. Lynette also served as a Senator and Minister of Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Business Development.

Community & Youth Champion

  • Lynette is passionate about the Community Policy for Barbados. It will solve a plethora of questions for the country. It is within the community that the men and women of tomorrow are nurtured. Lynette Eastmond has dedicated much of her time in forming organisations and participating in organisations.Lynette believes that much can be gained by pooling resources and working together ranging from the Church to the large Credit Union Movement in Barbados. She can take credit for being a founding member  of the Barbados Coalition of Service Industries and the Barbados Film and Video Association. It is Lynette Eastmond's intention to build such organisations within the City so that the youth can find that sense of belonging which they crave.

An Excellent Representative

  • The City of Bridgetown is the engine and the heart of Barbados.  Lynette Eastmond has the connection with the business community born out of her work in the private sector to bring opportunities to the City for business and job creation. Lynette has a new vision for the City which will see the creation of a Hub for Business and for entertainment. For a modern City like Bridgetown Ms. Eastmond believe that upon entering the City there should be free wifi! This process however starts with iidentifying a structure. In the case of the Constituency of the City of Bridgetown the New City must start with the creation of a City Council with sub Councils representing the interests of the communities throughout the City. It is with the structure that there will be a clean up of the City, better lighting installed and for sure better sanitation implemented.