Beach Access Blocked!

The Residents of the City of Bridgetown is one group of individuals facing deprivation of beach access. The blocking of the access affects individuals from a social and economic perspective.

Dr. Agard joins UPP


Delivered at the opening of the Wax Museum

Manifesto Launch

Barbados Today looks at Manifesto Launch

Negotiating Tax Concessions

Lynette Eastmond speaking on the launch of the UPP New Economy Manifesto.

Neglect in the City

Lynette Eastmond at Dunlow Lane

Addressing Corruption

Speech in support of Paul Forte in St. Michael East

Response to the Budget of May 30th, 2017

The Leader of the UPP, Ms. Lynette Eastmond

Addressing Vote Buying

Speech delivered at the launch of Ms. Maria Phillips. 

The Launch of the UPP

February 7, 2017